More JAKE Interviews...

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More JAKE Interviews...

Postby Shadow » Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:27 pm

In the archive Interview section I "noticed" that JAKE's most recent coverage was in 2005 which by far is not bad...' Yet still I'm just curious to what his doing now bysides the Ads in the Vintage Guitars magazines which are excellent by the way! Since the highly acclaimed Jake E. Lee "Retraced" album was warmly received by us JAKE fans from Coast to Coast, I get the feeling that the legendary Rebel Rocker has something his working on but won't let it go until it's absolutely the way it's suppose to be presented. Looking forward to those "surprises" for 2008 & future wise, Mr. Elusive and a nice up to date Heart to Heart Interview (maybe the Webmaster Jefnel1 can do the Interview...'just a thought or Vintage Guitar magazine would be nice, too!). Anyway, I know if more of a gateway was open for Jake to do more up to dates Interviews/he would do so...'and then some. Peace and looking foreward to great things in 2008 for the Rebel Blues-Rocker Jake E. Lee. 8) :D :P

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Re: More JAKE Interviews...

Postby Ninevah123 » Tue Oct 02, 2007 10:43 am

I love your posts Shadow,you show the kind of enthusiasm for the Jakester that keeps us all warm.

Well Jake,if you do get to read this post its about time you gave Jefnel a face to face interview.He's put his heart and bucks into this website and has been running it for us and you for years.


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