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Re: jake e lee humbucker-

Postby Shadow » Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:17 pm

Metalhead: I tend to lash at quickly when zeroed in on howbeit now I feel it was not done in a hurtful way but at the time it jolted me to speak harsh toward you. Sorry, I lashed out at you & didn't mean to say you were cruel for your not...'but you do tend to zero in on someone & push their buttons/with odd sense of humour. I know my postes can be loooong and other times/which is rare not so long. So, the sting is gone...'I re-read what you wrote & yes it's sorta pushy but not cruel & I feel like a nitwit right now for taking it waaay out of content. Peace & hope you are doing okay. 8)


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