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Re: Guitar Generation Tour

Postby tedeeoo » Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:00 pm

From what I have seen Jake doesn't really have to have a record out to do this tour. Anytime anyone so much as mentions the possibility of Jake playing anywhere be it live or on a record, people go nuts, including people like Eddie Trunk. If Jake does this he will be the biggest draw of the tour, people (esp. his fans) want to see Jake back on stage and people like Eddie Trunk will spread the word quickly that Jake is back. If you watch VH1 Classic and listen to Sirius, XM, or any other radio station around here, Jake gets more airtime than the other 3 guitarists combined and he has a DEVOTED fan base. All the players (esp. Paul) are awesome but it will be Jake who will make this tour if it happens. I've said it before in an earlier post, EVERYONE needs to voice their support for Jake to do this and hope that somehow he sees or hears it. Hope for the best not the alternative!!


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