Blue/purple burst and second whitey

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Blue/purple burst and second whitey

Postby LinFilouX » Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:25 pm

Hello guys,

I'm searching information about the blue and purple charvels of Jake. Are they signature models or just custom shop axes made for "the Ultimate sin" tour? Does them hold the same pickup as the whitey ?

The other question is about the second whitey in the "Bark at the moon" tour:
Seen here :

In the galery it cant be seen a lot in the b/w pics it seems to have a trem and only one pickup. Does anyone have info on this one?

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Re: Blue/purple burst and second whitey

Postby skezza » Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:34 pm

I believe the Blue and Purplebursts were custom shop made for Jake and were used on the ultimate sin tour and badlands/voodoo highway tours.

Although i haven't watched the video (cant at this moment) i assume you are talking about the daphne blue (ish) with an unfinished headstock ?

quoted from equipment page:
Charvel "Holdsworth" Model - Daphne Blue/Black pickguard
The neck and headstock on this guitar are un-finished and there is only a single humbucker installed (most likely a Duncan JB). The bridge is a blocked tremolo with the bar removed, and the output jack is located on the side of the body. Pictures exist of this guitar with and without the Charvel headstock decal. It was retired sometime between the "Bark at the Moon" and "Ultimate Sin" world tours.

Check out the equipment page for more info, dead useful.
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