Does my heart good...

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Does my heart good...

Postby tedeeoo » Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:13 pm

I know this may be a bit "trivial" to some of you, but bear in mind I'm in Mississippi (which I love by the way). I was doing validations in the lab that I work in this afternoon and "Shot in the Dark" came on the radio, which in itself is really not that unusual, they (Z106.7) play it alot. So being a disciple of Jake I turned the radio up, so what is so unusual about that? When the song was finished playing the deejay came on and said "that was Shot in the Dark", great song from Jake E. Lee and Ozzy, again, bear in mind this was in Jackson, Mississippi 22 years after the fact. As they say, "gone (so to speak) but never forgotten "....... I am devoted.

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