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Re: Jake E. Lee Replica guitars

Postby hashima » Sun Aug 20, 2006 9:41 am

Highwire wrote:Actually, there were two home made ones. The first one was used in their later club days. Eddie made it himself with butchered Fender and Gibson stuff. The second one, as seen on Van Halen was assembled from parts bought from Wayne Charvel (factory 2nd body for $50/neck for $80), a vintage Fender tremolo and a Gibson p-up Eddie had laying around. He also cut his own pickguard. After the first VH tour, Eddie taped it up and sprayed it red because he got sick of companies copying it. He also added an original Floyd, turning it into the mutt we all know and love.

The Destroyer was Korina, and was used for the majority of the songs which didn't have any whammy stuff.

The Yellow and Black was made in the Charvel factory. Eddie didn't particularly like the sound of that one, possibly because the p-up was mounted too close to the bridge (original non-fine tuner Floyd).

Yes, I know way too much about this stuff. :roll:

Check out eddievanhalen.com for more info. It's a fan guitar based site. They even have a do it yourself section on how to build any Eddie replica you want.

I'd still rather have a Jake Blue-burst though :D

thanx for your info and the link, Highwire! :D

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Re: Jake E. Lee Replica guitars

Postby jakebrake » Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:01 pm

so are you saying to buy a bullet truss neck and then get another bullet to replace the original bullet OR are you saying to just get a strat neck and put the bullet on?

does the truss rod actually work in this setup, or is it just cosmetic. you really NEED a truss rod, its not a decoration, as you know.

Please send a link to the neck and bullet you are talking about. I would like to just get a bullet and put it on my existing strat neck, which I love.


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