Rebel Wild Summer...'2009

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Rebel Wild Summer...'2009

Postby Shadow » Thu May 21, 2009 6:19 pm

This summer 2009 there will be wide range of Summer Fest 'blazin throughout the USA Coast to Coast: one of which is a music Fest called ROCK GONE WILD August 20-23, 2009 a three day hard Rockin' wild music extravaganza music Fest. Featuring many Classic Hard Rock/Metal bands from path trailblazer's like SAXON, GREAT WHITE, PRIMAL FEAR, GEORGE THOUROGOOD...'Skid Row, Cherie Currie, LA Guns, Dokken, Warrant, Lita Ford, the Destoyers, Lillian Axe etc.,. etc.,. to name a mighty magnificent music treasures that are confirmed on this highly acclaimed music fest ROCK GONE WILD 2009 billing and would very much like to see "added" on this bill music artists Trailblazer's like Badlands leader Jake E. Lee, the Beast Mandy Lion/WWIII, Gigi Hangach & Linda McDonald of Phantom Blue, Greg Chaisson & Jeff Martin of Badlands, Scorpions, Starz, Ann Lewis, Loud to name a few other mighty heavy Classic Hard Rocker's that "rattled-up" the Planet. 8) Yeah, it's gonna be quite a Rebel wild Summer 2009, alot great music Fests are springing up all around. Have fun & a safe time everyone :!: :D :o peace.

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