Carmine Appice mentions Jake on Eddie Trunk's show

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Carmine Appice mentions Jake on Eddie Trunk's show

Postby tedeeoo » Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:08 pm

Last night I caught about the last 20 minutes of Eddie's 2 hours with Carmine on Sirius/XM Boneyard and Carmine made a passing mention of Jake. It sounded as if maybe they had talked about Jake a little earlier (maybe someone called in and asked Carmine about him), and I wondered if anyone happened to hear the whole interview. Really interesting stories from Carmine and of course he is just a world class drummer.

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Re: Carmine Appice mentions Jake on Eddie Trunk's show

Postby Shadow » Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:43 pm

No, sorry I did not "hear" the EDDIE TRUNK's Interview show with legendary Drummer Carmine Appice: I presume his Talk show is on Radio Internet(?). That's cool you were able to hear some of it howbiet only the last 20minutes from the 2hrs: that's a mighty looooong interview/I can understand 1hr w/a tiny break but "2" hrs that's extensive...'anyway, I bet Carmine Appice (aka Carmel Apple/heee, heee....'just playing) "dished out" some hefty History treasure info not only on himself but the many heavy Classic Rocker's that he'd crossed paths/worked with along the way, nice to know that Jake E. Lee was brought up in the Carmine Appice Interview. 8) Peace!

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