Badlands tabs in guitar pro

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Badlands tabs in guitar pro

Postby rustkill » Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:38 pm

Hello all that read.

in the past i have posted badlands tabs here for those who would like them. some on pdf and some are in guitar pro. I was looking back over the badlands tabs in guitar pro and did not see that many. i have converted the tabs i had in power tab form to guitar pro. I saw that there were a few songs left out.
whiskey dust, heaven's train, dancing on the edge, hard driver, rumblin train, devils stomp, seasons and ball & chain. i did not find any of this on the web.

I have started to input these songs into guitar pro myself. this i have never done before. i started with devil's stomp then whiskey dust and then heaven's train
i think i got better as i went along but i need help. there are things on each that just dont know how to do or could not figure out how to fix.

anyway i am looking to see if any of you that know guitar pro well would like to help me. i will do most of the tabbing and maybe you could clean them up.
if anyone would like to help please let me know. or if anyone has these songs in guitar pro please post so i don't waste more time.

there are mistakes in all 3 tabs and they are not ready to go to everyone
i will post these 3 guitar pro tabs plus the pdj files if someone will help me.
I will start working on the other songs and hope someone will help.
i am not posting them now because i don't want them going out to everyone when i know they need major work to make them right. i am new to tabbing with guitar pro but i am getting better

thanks for reading this really long post .
if you are willing to help I will give notes to each tab. I would like someone that could do this is a timely manner. if you can help let me know

thanks Rustkill

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