Badlands live at TA Verns in Milwaukee, WI - 7-29-89...

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Badlands live at TA Verns in Milwaukee, WI - 7-29-89...

Postby admin » Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:25 am

Here is a fan story from that show and the in-store signing just before. Thanks for sharing Andrea...

"Unfortunately, I have no pictures of either instore or show. I wish I did. Its one of reasons I haven't shared my story of meeting Jake, Ray, Eric or Greg.
They spoke with us at both the instore at Mainstream Record Store and at the club, T.A Verns. I had my large drawing of Jake with me to have autographed at the signing. I still had it taped to my drawing board thats 21 x 28" I was dragging it by my side, at its corner, on the ground but, I had it turned away, and I wouldn't let it anyone see it.
Jake was last for us to speak with, I was mortified to realize that pictures show No detail !! So, when I walked thru the door and saw him sitting there, I saw the details of his face, eyes,his smile, the finer details of his hair....the drawing looked nothing like him to me. If there wasn't such a long line, I think I would have taken it back to the car. But, I wasn't going to miss the chance to see and speak to them.

We spoke with Greg first, then Eric we talked with both about the album and how we enjoyed their music and then spoke about how thrilled we were to be able to meet them. Each one of them introduced themselves to us and asked our names right off the bat. We spoke of how surprised we were at how they were playing at the Club in our area. There were a lot of other places we thought they might go instead of T.A. Verns. This was nothing like The Whiskey!! It was a two floor building with a stage, a dance floor and a lot of little bar tables on each floor. The stage upstairs was bigger then down, but the room was bigger then upstairs. strange but true. Covered in Red and gold long shag carpeting with black mirrored walls
They told us they were going to sound check after the instore. We expressed our excitement about the whole thing. Then we spoke to Ray about the same, and I don't remember who asked..but, they wanted to know what was on the board, I believe it was Eric. I said that Jake had to see it first.They mutters something silly and they, including my boyfriend, now husband, laughed. We got a few autographs from Ray as well as Eric and Greg. Ray yelled over to Jake that now he knows who made albums sales for them, Here I had 1 album, 2 CDs and two cassette tapes. They were real nice about signing all of the items. Ray tried asking about the board and what was on it because he was watching me with it. I said the same as before, thanked him for the chance at meeting him, the autograph and looked forward to seeing them that night. Ray thanked us for stopping by and to enjoy the show tonight.
Then on to Jake...I got pretty nervous about the drawing, we spoke with him about a number of things, following his career, enjoyed his music, his guitar playing, love the album etc...he gets done signing everything for us, I was just going to do my best to ignore the drawing but my husband brought it up, I sighed heavily because I didn't want to do this...but, I said, 'yeah, there's one more thing, I didn't want to show you because 'now' I realize it looks nothing like you.' He still wanted to see it anyways, so I picked it up and turned it just so he could just see it and not the rest of the guys because, my thought was, if he's gonna chuckle at all, it would just be him and I'll be less mortified. He said he liked it..but, I'm not sure which caught his eye first, the drawing or the masking tape that outlined the drawing on to the had a name on the top center, It got his attention real quick!! I got a little nervous because he pointed right on it and wanted to know "who's name is this, where did you get it from?" I told him a magazine, he repeated it, but with a big smile and was like, "Really, I'll have to look into it" He asked which one and I told him, I then explained that the only reason I had this name on there was that I wanted to see if the drawing of this person did indeed look like who I was trying to draw both to my friends and family. My friends would be like, 'well, I don't know who Jakey Lou Williams is...but, that sure looks like Jake E.Lee to me" And that's what I told Jake. He still seemed a little alarmed that his real name was out there but understood, I don't blame him, but I meant no harm. I had not shared this part of the story with too many people. No one wants to make the person whom they enjoy as a musician feel uncomfortable. Because at that time, his real name wasn't known to many at all. I already knew this at the time and it helped me out.
Now was the funny part. I don't know who yelled over, maybe it was Ray, but asked what was on the board, Jake said, "You didn't see it? Come Look and See This!! " Jake took the board from me while Ray, Greg and Eric get up from their chairs and walked down the row of tables to come over and they stood around Jake and I to look at this drawing!! <!?!> They got up from the table and walked away from fans who had waited just as long, if not longer and they...walk away!! To go look at my drawing!!?? I'm not sure who was more shocked and surprised. Me or the crowd waiting. I did hear Jake point the name out on the board to Ray and told him what I said to him about it. Ray seemed just as surprised. But, not alarmed. They told me they liked it and that it was a good job and all. <I think they were just being nice, lol>
Anyways, Jake starts asking me questions about the drawing, I'm there to see him and ask him questions and here he's asking me how long did it take, I said, a few months, 5 tops. He then wanted to know how I could look at him that long. I was embarrassed. He asked if it was free hand or a picture. I told him it was a picture from the tour book for Ozzy. He wanted to know which tour book. I told him, the Ultimate Sin Tour. He smiled. He read all the scribble on the board, different bands, asked more questions or made comments. It had a few sayings, he did the same with that...and then when he went to sign it for me said he didn't know where to sign it because he didn't want to ruin it or something like that. Not only did I do the drawing,... but, I was lucky enough to spell his real name wrong!!! He commented saying, "well, If you have my name on here ,it might as well be correct.' So with his Purple Sharpie, he corrected it for me. I asked for a quick hug and it was pretty much over with. Until we saw them that night.

T.A.Verns was a good size club, but there's no being away from the crowd unless you were in the back room which stored all the liquor for the club or the restroom. There were two floors, and the large room downstairs was the better choice verses upstairs. If the club had any larger named band from town, they ended up down stairs so they could have the "means for travel" outside the side door, to which, Badlands had their tour buses. Don't get me wrong, Badlands wasn't the only big name, they have ever had, they have had others, just few and far between. There's other places for something like that.
Anyways, they finally showed up, late, of course, true Jake fashion!! They went up to the stage quick and I think they were even surprised at the crowd, they even said so when I stopped them and talked about the place and how, no one rushed them, everyone cheered when they first walked thru the door. the guys were able to walk around, get something to drink, even stopped and talked with a few others before, finally, they went on stage around 10 pm that night.
They had an awesome show that night. And I'll say it again, it's a day I will never forget.

I guess I feel a little better telling this story. I felt bad for the reaction to his real name on there at the time But, yet I understand completely.
Jake wasn't mad at all, just very surprised, with good reason. I was told this was the first time he saw "his name" like this. But, yet he got the idea of why I used it for the drawing. The way he complimented on my drawing, I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but it was artist related. He never once gave me the impression of ever being rude to anyone. So, when I hear or read that, Oh he didn't have time for his fans...or he was rude and ignored us. I just can't see it. All the fame hasn't gone to his head. Very down to earth. Very friendly, I'm very glad I had the chance to meet him. It was a great honor for me personally.

Again, no pictures, except the drawing and some autographs. But, I bet if someone asked Jake about the first leg of the tour, for the first self titled album, about a particular name that surprised him on a drawing by some girl who argued it didn't look like him?? He just might remember part of it. <grin>"
"A lot of people use the (tremolo) bar when their brain or their heart quits thinking about the music." - Jake E Lee

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Re: Badlands live at TA Verns in Milwaukee, WI - 7-29-89...

Postby Shadow » Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:42 pm

Wow, that's some story there and it's nothing like meeting your Music Idols whom you treasure: thank "goodness" it was a nice experience howbeit sort of strange "here & there" when showing BADLANDS/the gritty-Cowboys there in this cool drawing Portrait of JAKE E. LEE. They sound really down to Earth (and yes we "all" have our days & moments) and friendly "curious" about whose approching them. What was funny though was that JAKE found it unusual that some people/well this is in 1989 that quite alot of fans knew his "real" given Birth-name...'I just could imagine da Oge's "eyes" going wide with alarm 'cause that's something special to himself to hold onto. Sorry, JAKE we all know your "real" Birth name JAKEY LOU WILLIAMS aka JAKE E. LEE Rebel legend Guitarist Virtuouso :!: Heee, heee... Your awesome and so are your bandmates RAY GILLEN (Rest in sweet Harmony), GREG CHAISSON, JEFF MARTIN and ERIC SINGER. You guys are an Electric "ball" of gritty-Gator energies. Peace and thanks for sharing! 8O :twisted: :D

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Re: Badlands live at TA Verns in Milwaukee, WI - 7-29-89...

Postby Fretman » Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:02 pm

That's a great story!

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Re: Badlands live at TA Verns in Milwaukee, WI - 7-29-89...

Postby Ninevah123 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:26 am

The time you took to write out so much detail is so incredibly appreciated.....its the gems like this that make this site such a big deal for me......God Bless and Thanks.

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