peoples commentings on BLABBERMOUTH -Jake E Lee

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peoples commentings on BLABBERMOUTH -Jake E Lee

Postby alfamy1 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:08 pm

[center] :!: :!: :!: [/center]

[center]an extract of the comments 2010-02-19
from the Blabbermouth board

Last Updated: February 19, 2010 11:16 JAKE E. LEE Jamming In Las Vegas; Video Footage, Photos Available - A short video clip of former OZZY OSBOURNE/BADLANDS guitarist Jake E. Lee jamming at a Las Vegas, Nevada bar in November 2009 can be viewed below.
According to the All Music Guide Lee helped Ozzy Osbourne score two of the most commercially successful releases of the singer's long and illustrious career — 1983's "Bark at the Moon" and 1986's "The Ultimate Sin". Lee eventually joined up with another former BLACK SABBATH singer (albeit briefly), Ray Gillen, and formed BADLANDS. Subsequently, Lee played briefly with a band called WICKED ALLIANCE before setting off on his own, issuing his solo debut, "A Fine Pink Mist", in August of 1996.Jake E. Lee's "covers" album, "Retraced", was released in the U.S. in April 2005 via Shrapnel Records.

posted by : KILO G
2/17/2010 5:58:30 PM
He was a pretty good back in the day.

posted by : TastyGreens
2/17/2010 6:02:38 PM

I'm a huge fan of his work with Ozzy. I never even knew

about the solo album he did with Bogert -- can anyone tell

me if it's any good?

posted by : tstep182
2/17/2010 6:25:15 PM

Makes me think back to the mid-80s when Jake and

George Lynch were both in their prime. Those were some

good times...

COMMENT | jake solo album
posted by : born1972
2/17/2010 6:25:31 PM

is a good cover album. they played james gang, free and

some other old songs. jake is sounding very bluesy on this


The worst thing on the album is the terrible vocalist...but

the instrumental part (bass, drums & guitars) is perfect

COMMENT | According to the All Music Guide...
posted by : born1972
2/17/2010 6:27:40 PM

I'm wondering why a good site like blabbermouth needs to

check it out the "all musicshit" to know obvious things

about Jake E Lee...

posted by : toadload
2/17/2010 6:30:09 PM

Other than Randy Rhoads, THIS MAN is where Zakk

Wylde took his playing from. THose SQUEALS and vibrato

things Zakk takes credit for?? THAT IS JAKE E. LEE.
Listen to Bark at the Moon or if you can find it, OZZY live

at the US Festival.
All you little Zakk Wylde kids out there, this is where he

took it from.

posted by : snake-iz
2/17/2010 6:37:19 PM

Nice to see Jake again.I saw him with Ozzy on the Bark at

the Moon tour.Followed his work for a couple of Badland

cd's and haven't heard of him till today.Taking over for

Randy Rhodes was no small task.But he did it with class

and some awesome guitar licks.

posted by : RiotAct666
2/17/2010 6:45:28 PM

Nice to hear about Jake again, Saw him with Badlands

back in the day. one of the best shows ever. Hope he does

some touring at some point, or join another band too.

COMMENT | Jake E.Lee
posted by : Pensfan
2/17/2010 7:10:51 PM

my favorite Ozzy guitarist.

COMMENT | Hey Jake.....
posted by : Six Strings
2/17/2010 7:16:35 PM

I miss you, dude. Nice to see you still playing in public.

COMMENT | great player
posted by : opnpt0
2/17/2010 7:22:40 PM

Great player. Needs to come back.

COMMENT | jake
posted by : GoatLoad71
2/17/2010 7:22:56 PM

Voodoo Highway was a great album!

posted by : rr00
2/17/2010 7:52:37 PM

I read that Jake hadn't even touched a guitar in a long time

before the latest covers solo album. Such a shame.

Great to see him out there and having fun with it. One of

my all-time favorite rock guitarists.

posted by : The Game Is Called The End
2/17/2010 8:13:25 PM

Please come back Jake! Put together a band that can do all

your Ozzy stuff, along with the Badlands material. I would

fly anywhere to see that show.


COMMENT | 38 seconds...
posted by : W00dpeckerFromMars
2/17/2010 8:34:49 PM

...not the best audio... and this guy made me shiver! I'm a

huge fan of the Ultimate Sin and Badlands [Dusk is one of

my all time fav, it's an incredible, vibrating, original,

powerful album] and I hope Jake picks it up again and gets

back to rock the world. One of a kind, a real HUGE guitar


for you eheheh! :-)

COMMENT | Agreed
posted by : Wronginfo
2/17/2010 8:36:12 PM

It would be nice to see Jake get a good vocalist and hit the

road to do some of the vintage Ozzy and Badlands stuff.

Badlands first CD was really good melodic rock stuff.

posted by : Skanna
2/17/2010 8:47:50 PM

Great guitarist, and a very smart guy.

posted by : RiotAct666
2/17/2010 8:50:32 PM

COMMENT | jake
posted by : GoatLoad71
2/17/2010 7:22:56 PM

Voodoo Highway was a great album!

Hell yeah it sure was. Along with the classic S/T record.

Dusk was good too IMO.

posted by : BusterHymen
2/17/2010 8:55:28 PM

This guy was my favorite guitarist for years, when the

ultimate ozzy video came out, i watched that solo, over and

over so many times im surprised it still played on my vhs


the odd part is i just googled his name 2 days ago for the

first time in years. I wish he would of made 1 more cd with

ozzy in before gus g

COMMENT | So underrated
posted by : dznutz
2/17/2010 9:02:18 PM

so talented, besides rhoads, jake was ozzy's best guitarist

and badlands was a phenomenal band

COMMENT | hell yeah..
posted by : Rotted Spine
2/17/2010 9:03:18 PM

Bark At The Moon is an incredible album. In my opinion,

right up there with Blizzard and Diary. The riffs are

amazing. Of course the title track, rock 'n roll rebel, center

of entirety, waiting for darkness. Such a good album.

Ultimate Sin was great too. Love the songs secret loser and

thank god for the bomb.

posted by : Zoo Keeper 666
2/17/2010 9:11:03 PM

I saw Jake on the The Ultimate Sin tour(along with

Metallica opening with Cliff).....

I also saw Jake with Badlands right when their first album

came out at the Cat Club. A great show.

He should tour. Get a good band a good vocalist and tour

on the Ozzy/Badlands material.

BUT....maybe he just isn't up to it.........or doesn't want to...

COMMENT | I know he got a response!
posted by : I'mGonnaKillEddie.
2/17/2010 9:16:41 PM

He, uh can Jam in Baltimore anytime.

COMMENT | If you like Jake E. Lee
posted by : I'mGonnaKillEddie.
2/17/2010 9:22:36 PM

you pretty much want to try to get a copy of the "Ultimate

Sin" tour. I think it's out of print but out there,

somewhere; God that guitar on there is Mind-Blowing.

Solos / extended solos (ala DIO) Heavy crunchy riffs. O.K.

that's all.


COMMENT | The Ultimate Sin DVD Ozzy Osbourne

(VHS) prob. too.
posted by : I'mGonnaKillEddie.
2/17/2010 9:24:10 PM


COMMENT | /bow
posted by : Bloodbathh
2/17/2010 9:26:12 PM

Was just watching his solos on the ultimate sin tour and

bark at the moon tour...sick stuff. Go youtube it, it's some

of the best soloing i've ever seen.

COMMENT | all I gotta say is
posted by : 80smetal%
2/17/2010 9:54:41 PM

Killer of Giants... what a song. especially the live version

on the Ultimate Sin tour Video; the guitar solo he does

after the about blazing shred. and Thank God

For the Bomb is also a great song with tons of cool riffs.

Both albums he did with Oz are just the greatest. Zakk was

good on NRFTW but he never had the compositional song

writing talent that Jake had with ozzy

posted by : Nels
2/17/2010 11:37:25 PM

Total respect for this man and his playing! Saw him many

years ago in Chicago where he was so sick he could barely

stand and was literally leaning against his stacks! Still

played a blistering set. Many others would have said I can't

do it.

posted by : J.Jay
2/17/2010 11:48:16 PM

he should reform Badlands or get another band going at

least. Maybe even a solo album of originals.

posted by : juanneman
2/18/2010 12:01:20 AM

Good to hear from this guy again, his work with Ozzy has

been AWESOME, I loved the way he played and the

feeling he put to the songs. This guy and Randy have been

the BEST axemen Ozzy has ever had in his solo career with

their distinctive styles. Conclusion: when I listen to Ozzy´s

albums I cannot help ignoring Zakk. I cannot stand that

guy. Ozzy is dead for me since he came.

posted by : grindstar
2/18/2010 12:48:14 AM

Jake was my favorite Ozzy guitarist - that stretch he does

in the ultimate sin video during his solo spot on the video

had me in awe as a kid

COMMENT | @ toadload
posted by : Rob Onez
2/18/2010 1:15:20 AM

toadload said:
"...Other than Randy Rhoads, THIS MAN is where Zakk

Wylde took his playing from. THose SQUEALS and vibrato

things Zakk takes credit for?? THAT IS JAKE E. LEE.
Listen to Bark at the Moon or if you can find it, OZZY live

at the US Festival.
All you little Zakk Wylde kids out there, this is where he

took it from..."



Zakk Wylde learned harmonic "sqeals" from listening to

Billy Gibbons.

Also, for anyone who has played guitar and followed these

guys for a while.....there is very little similarity between

Zakk's and Jake's playing.
Totally different approach, feel and tone.

COMMENT | I loved badlands.
posted by : sevilives
2/18/2010 3:38:48 AM

I would like to hear him make some more of that style of

music. I think it would be kool if he did some tunes with

John Corabi. That would be a good touring band.

COMMENT | Badlands
posted by : Hardcore666
2/18/2010 4:33:28 AM

Badlands... been awhile... time to dust off some cassettes

and listen to some really good music!

posted by : FordOutlaw
2/18/2010 5:22:30 AM

I heard Ozzy contacted him to play on "Black Rain" along

side Zakk but Jake turned him down. Jake still has a hard

on for Ozzy after he read in Metal Edge that Ozzy said he

was a Randy wannabe. He quit the band and we got Zakk.

Ultimate Sin is my fav. Ozzy album really wish they would

join forces again.

COMMENT | Jake E. Lee
posted by : Morgagne
2/18/2010 6:05:52 AM

every bit as good as Randy Rhoads.

That's All

COMMENT | 2 Great J E L solos
posted by : FordOutlaw
2/18/2010 6:59:45 AM

1st ones from Bark At The Moon tour


COMMENT | Outlaw
posted by : rando
2/18/2010 7:44:00 AM

Thanks for the links. Those are amazing solos--that first

one was especially impressive.

posted by : fortress
2/18/2010 7:48:54 AM

Jack finally resurfaced.. Where are all the rumors about

him, taking some drugs and living in a shit trailer park

COMMENT | Bass Player Bob
posted by : Gorillabone
2/18/2010 7:58:33 AM

Why do Bass players always bob their head? He's not

headbanging more like doing the chicken.

posted by : Kidwood
2/18/2010 9:09:26 AM

is the best! Good to see him out and playing. more, more,


COMMENT | Long Live Jake
posted by : ChristiansForSlayer
2/18/2010 9:10:06 AM

Bark at the Moon and Ultimate Sin were great albums. It's

a shame Ozzy had to go and remove some of Jake's solos

on the remastered version of BATM. Make sure you get the


COMMENT | Nice to see the love for Jake!
posted by : drugstuntman
2/18/2010 9:28:16 AM

Count me along all the others here that were big fans of

Jake back in the day - so good to hear some news and see

that he is still alive. Here's to hoping he'll resurface with

some new tunes.

COMMENT | Completely agree.
posted by : Deathtoll
2/18/2010 10:40:21 AM

Jake ought to put something together and come back. And

to the guy asking about Jake's solo CD "A Fine Pink Mist,"

the CD is a must have if you're a fan, and there are a few

stand out songs, but a lot of it is way different than what

you would normally associate with Jake. But hey, it's an

instrumental album and that's normally the case. If you're

a fan you ought to get it, but is you expect it to be more of

the same, then...

posted by : Morgagne
2/18/2010 10:57:13 AM
Can you imagine the magic that could be made if he were

to play guitar for DIO ?

COMMENT | Whoa just to clarify
posted by : Moshtradamus
2/18/2010 12:57:11 PM

This is pretty cool but hasn't Jake E. Lee like been in

hiding for a decade or so? I mean hasn't he really been

under the radar for a long time now or is it just me.

posted by : truthbetold2
2/18/2010 1:24:52 PM

Maracas and a tambourine player?? ARE YOU F#@KING


posted by : truthbetold2
2/18/2010 1:25:44 PM

Looks like Mikey from O.C.C. playing bass. LOL.

COMMENT | Badlands
posted by : Riotass666
2/18/2010 4:10:07 PM

How come every time Blabbermouth mentions Badlands

or Jake E. Lee, they copy that same text about the "power

trio format"? Badlands was never a power trio. Singer,

guitarist, bassist, drummer -- does that add up to 3 or 4?

Idiots. Jake E. Lee's Retraced album also had those same 4

positions. Power trio? Are you stupid?

Having typed that, great to see Jake playing live again,

somewhere, and smiling about it. Will he ever join a band

again for real, or reform Badlands -- seems unlikely at this

point. Treasure the music he made and be glad for that.

posted by : XELA
2/18/2010 5:28:34 PM

So I'm just checking the site out as you do and who should

pop up but only Jake.E. "Mr Fucking Cool" Lee.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Listen to the call Jake, we eagerly await youre return.

COMMENT | Jake E Lee
posted by : Tug
2/18/2010 9:16:30 PM

One of the baddest mutha rock guitarists on the planet.

Jake, come back!

COMMENT | simply great
posted by : alleycat072
2/19/2010 1:19:34 AM

by far the best of any guiarist from ozzy this dude could

play and had a incredible style of his sorry but i

dont see were people think that randy rhoades was all that

hot i mean he played ok but not what ppl made him out to

be....i wasnt impressed ..jake e lee was one of those guys

that when he played he sent chills up back..period

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Re: peoples commentings on BLABBERMOUTH -Jake E Lee

Postby Shadow » Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:25 pm

I like BLABBERMOUTH.COM alot they really put a "zero-target" on all those Master-Music Artists & Bands: both up & coming and legends. Nice to see they finally "zeroed-target" in on Rebel guitarist/musician JAKE E. LEE most recent new music quest(s) endeavors performing "live" in Las Vegas, Nevada/Nov. '09!!! What a "sweet" surprise that was/and still very much is for we all know how Elusive & "work earnest" Mr. Lee is with all that awesome new music material ever since "A Fine Pink Mist" etc.,. to let loose on stage in which JAKE did with gritty raw-zeal, charm & Rebel flair! Love the new pix and live onstage footage of JAKE E. LEE jammin' with his music friends/it was "nice" to see these new Classic gems of a "awesome" Master Musician that kicked mega :twisted: buns & Trailblazed with passionate Heart N Soul w/OZZY OSBOURNE, BADLANDS, WICKED ALLIANCE and his SOLO Music works and other Music endeavors. I look forward to "more" new Music quests from JAKE E. LEE his a real-geniune Rebel "groove-twister" musician all the way & "continues" to be! Thanks BLABBERMOUTH for putting this vital latest JAKE E. LEE Music gem info on your fine established Music News Website/for Feb 19th, 2010! And "thanks" alfamy1 for bringing it to our ultmost attention. :D THANKS!!!

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Re: peoples commentings on BLABBERMOUTH -Jake E Lee

Postby alfamy1 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:54 pm

thanks and on a NY radioshow -tms at vh1 classic , JakeE is the most asked about on their forum , too .... it doesnt surprise me !
well JakeE looks tha same eventhough the complex beard srry and he delivers it with the same groovieness ... the realrockfeel !!!!!!!!
well i am a very pro for another A FiPiMi version ..... do u know about his pianostudyings ??- wood luuve to hear more of that +guitar +,+,+
8) :D 8)

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