Craig Goldy on Jake

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Craig Goldy on Jake

Postby CharvelSuperStrat » Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:11 pm

Craig Goldy on Jake taken from an online interview.

FIB MUSIC: Wasn't Jake E. Lee in Mickey Ratt, at one time?

Craig: He might have been, but he was in a band called Teaser. They were doing all the Van Halen stuff and he just blew my mind. There was a place called Straight Ahead Sound where all the hard rock bands could play. They had a HUGE stage and it was a great venue. We would go there every Friday & Saturday night and this band called Teaser was going to I went and saw Jake and he had the long hair, the look and the strat and the sound and he could play anything Eddie Van Halen could dish up and the singer could sing anything David Lee Roth could dish up. They looked like the band, they sounded like the band and I thought, fuck, I've got to practice. He scared the living shit out of me. So, I went back and started practicing and tried to get better.

Even when I was in that band Giuffria, we did that STARS, the Hear n Aid thing and I heard George Lynch play, that scared me and I had go back and practice. Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, George Lynch comes around.

Here is the whole interview ... arist.html
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Re: Craig Goldy on Jake

Postby Shadow » Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:28 pm

Wow, "thanks" so very much CHARVELSUPERSTAT (..'you should start a band with a name like that! :) ) Loads of music History there from the DIO fame guitarist Craig GOLDY...'never knew that he and Jake E. LEE music pathes intertwined so they were both in ROUGH CUTT howbeit Jake exist then he/Craig joined it and DIO's wife was the manager for Rough Cutt when Jake was in it. Fascinating! Plus at one point I do believe the Vocalist Icon/Prince Dragon Ronnie James DIO wanted Jake E. Lee to be in his band but JAKE joined OZZY OSBOURNE band so Mr. DIO decided on hot Rod guitarist Vivian CAMPBELL (his awesome, too). Then when Vivian Campbell exist DIO (now his in DEF LEPPARD & his awesome w/them, too) then Craig GOLDY joined DIO's band and have a very rich music History w/the Mystical/Metal Soulful Vocalist for yrs even though at one point he/GOLDY did leave to do some music Solo projects and then steel grinding guitarist TRACY G (from WWIII fame) joined DIO for awhile until GOLDY came back home to re-unite w/DIO once more and since then never left!!! I think that DIO Story must be reveiled because that man can sing & plus his a PIONEER Trailblazer what a amazing-treasure Vocal range Ronnie James DIO presense that filled those Arenas night after night and his "eyes" which he say are "Evil-Eyes" held one in such a spellbound & healing strength/power to carry on...'Ronnie "eyes" are mystical beauties not Evil. smile. Anyway, this is a powerbunch Interview with the fame Heavy Rockin' guitarist Craig GOLDY (DIO, ROUGH CUTT & GIUFFRIA) and need to take it home to read "more" immense in it's contents 'cause it's so much History there. Loved the music video's "Call to the Heart" GIUFFRIA another amazing band w/a dynomite Vocalist and DIO's "All the Fools Sailed Away" it's a eye-catcher very powerful song it certainly went "Straight to the Heart" no pun intended. Another heavy Classic masterpiece hit from DIO's all of them are, really: DIO had a great line-up of musicians in his band Jimmy BAIN/Bass, Vinny Appice/Drums, Vivian Campbell/Guitars, Claude Schnell/Keyboardist, Craig Goldy/Guitars, Rudy Sarzo/Bass, Tracy G./Guitars etc.,. just to name a few some in which were also in WWIII w/Beast legend & founder Mandy Lion and plus at one point Jake E. Lee was in WWIII which later he and Mandy Lion started a band called WICKED ALLIANCE. Well, I think said enough for now...'until next time have a "MAGICA" weekend ahead! I look forward to a DIO "Magica 2" - I know that the Dragon Prince is layed to rest but I know that he & the DIO band would want his/Ronnie James DIO story of Shadowcast (someone has to defeat him: very frightening character on the Cover Art of DIO's "Magica"...'Scary!) and the music Cast of MAGICA to be continued! :D 8) 8O Please, grant his wish...

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Re: Craig Goldy on Jake

Postby alfamy1 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:13 pm

About Dio and Jake , he worked with dio and I hear 'holy diver' the same as 'dont talk to strangers' but Jake didnt get any credits for his work on this album. But it was Jake who left bcause of ''personal and musical differences'' Jake wasn't even comercial famous by then w/ Teaser,rough cutt,,but dio wanted Jake keeping a low profile…..
Jake played in some fusion bands but as a strict classical pianist he didn’t like the spacing out style . With Ozzy there,Jake didn’t leave , so it's still a big mystery coz noone, especially Ozzy dosnt want to ''talk about it'' - or what he had in mind .... :lol: lol for Ozzy saying that Jake ''was taking over'' already after 3 days !!!! ..... after the first 3 days rehearsels w/ bOzzy. :mrgreen: Craig Goldy-GBU

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Re: Craig Goldy on Jake

Postby mrmetal » Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:38 am

Goldy is very under rated as a guitar player. Every interview I have read with him, he seems to be a sincere person.

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Re: Craig Goldy on Jake

Postby tedeeoo » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:19 pm

I like Craig alright to, that interview above where he mentions Jake is a very good interview (the whole thing not just the Jake parts) and he seems to be a really nice guy. The thing is, all the guys that were coming up then pretty much say the same thing about Jake, that he was scarrier than sh@# even back then. It would be cool to hear the Dio demos with Jake, supposedly they do exist, of course with recent events we'll probably never hear them. Sure am going to miss RJD to, I would have loved to have seen him live.

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Re: Craig Goldy on Jake

Postby Jake67 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:35 am

Craig's first album with Dio, Dream Evil, is one of my favorite Dio albums. Liked his sound and style on that one. He's another guy that tends to fly under the radar.

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