Don Airey Quote : "We had Jake E. Lee, who was no slouch"

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Don Airey Quote : "We had Jake E. Lee, who was no slouch"

Postby LinFilouX » Thu May 03, 2012 1:24 am

Found here : ... 82004.html

It was quoted from an interview bit about Monsters of rock :

"With Ozzy, we did a festival in Germany, Monsters of Rock, in 1984. There were some wonderful guitar players. Accept were on, and they had two great players. Gary was on. We had Jake E. Lee, who was no slouch. Viv Campbell was on with Ronnie Dio. There was somebody else but Eddie just blew everybody off. I was watching and Ozzy was on the other side of the stage and Eddie gave such a display."

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Re: Don Airey Quote : "We had Jake E. Lee, who was no slouch

Postby Shadow » Fri May 04, 2012 2:18 pm

Don AIREY wasn't no slouch either: like his early days w/OZZY and other fame Musician(s) colleagues, they totally rocked the Planet on stage!! I find the 60's & 70's-80's especially a very fascinating/hard working innovative period for Music Artists/Bands that took our breath away...'for sure da Oge JAKE E. LEE Rebel Rocker was definately "no slouch" he worked his buns off on that stage w/OZZY, BADLANDS, WICKED ALLIANCE and also on highly established Music Projects he trailblazed his energies into. Awesome, indepth Interview on legendary keyboardist Don Airey: how nice of him to say the da Oge/JAKE was no slouch, how very true. :twisted: JAKE is quite a fiery and passionate musician and we're lucky his still Rocking the Planet as is AIREY. :D Big smile.

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Re: Don Airey Quote : "We had Jake E. Lee, who was no slouch"

Postby skezza » Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:42 pm

This is such a weird quote from Don Airey. That day, it's a well known fact that Eddie Van Halen went up to Jake after the gig and told him he thought he was the best guitarist on the stage that day. So for Don to say that, I kind of find a bit patronizing. Jake was a lot more than this quote suggests.
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