San bernardino festival

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Re: San bernardino festival

Postby drummerfish » Tue Dec 26, 2006 11:33 pm

the reason the show or shows are not released on dvd is (as i was told recently by someone who played in 83) the owner of the shows has to pay the artists in order to release them.madonna was there but she wasn't "big" at the time.since then she's become huge of the guys offering madonna,u2 and other major bands alot of money-yet not a fair amount to make it worth while for them.

on the other hand,a band like quiet riot was offered more than say,missing persons.yet its still not a fair amount for quiet you basically have a wage war with ALL those bands based on what the tape owners are willing to spend.the clash was there,pat benatar,judas priest,etc...there was something like 10 or more bands on each day(3 day weekend)for each year.alot of those bands are still big today or atleast well known popular bands.i wish i could have gone to either one.i live 1/2 a hour away from the concert sie.

another issue is the video quality of some of the sets (so i'm told) in old tv or concert videos,when you see lines on the screen,its because its really loud in that area the camera man's standing(on stage or close to speakers) this causes a distortion in the camera lens,which is called,"microphony".you can see this effect on the "live aid" dvd's.

i personally don't mind.either way i'd love to have all the shows from both years.i have motley crue and van the bootlegs are out there.i really want ozzy,quiet riot and pat benatar next.someone should start an internet site and petition for the release of the shows.

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Re: San bernardino festival

Postby bubbles » Sat Jan 13, 2007 1:07 pm

This was Bob Daisley's first gig back with Ozzy since the 1980 UK tour.


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