Little black wire?

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Little black wire?

Postby Gonzo » Mon Dec 25, 2006 3:51 pm

Whats that thing that looks like a little black wire going from Jakes bridge to his input?

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Re: Little black wire?

Postby Fedaykin » Mon Dec 25, 2006 6:31 pm

I believe that was a groundwire for eliminating unwanted feedback. In guitars with tremolos, the groundwire is in back of the guitar. It attaches to the clamp which holds the three springs of a tremolo. I know broke quite a few groundwires myself and got unwanted noise, so I re-solderd them often. Don't make that mistake! And unless you have a real good reason to remove that panel from a trem guitar, DON'T! Chances are you'll break the groundwire on your belt buckle or some other silly mishape. Spend more time on your amps than your guitars, more time on your style than on equiptment, more on theory, on becoming a diverse player, than doodling with tools. Don't waste time with minutia. And yes, guitars and amps mean a lot to us players, but focus is more important. Music is goal, instruments are the tools for making the sounds in our heads. I wonder if Jake ever spent as much time fussing over guitars and such as people here seem to. Probably not. He wouldn't have gotten much accomplished; he would have remained in the garage. It seems he would rather tinker with cars than guitars. Cool with me...
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