OZZY on Jimmy Kimmel Show....

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OZZY on Jimmy Kimmel Show....

Postby Shadow » Wed May 23, 2007 4:58 pm

Did anyone by chance happen to see that live performances by OZZY on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show this past Monday & Tuesday nights (May 21 & 22). I did by great "surprise" because I usually be off to sleep by that time: I'm like well lets see who's on Craig Fergusen (his a trip/so very funny) Late, Late Show so between switching the channels back & fourth I saw two great Live shows those nights. Ozzy done a pretty cool interview with Kimmel but it at times it was sorta difficult to understand what he was saying (Ozzy has a heavy accent, he does)/and even the Host Mr. Kimmel said so and that's why he had Ozzy come back on so they could do the Interview over again, the whole audience laughed at his teasing jesting. Anyway, the live performances of the legendary Pioneer Vocalist OZZY OSBOURNE along with his incrediable line-up of Zakk Wyde-Guitars, Rob "Blasko" Nicholson-Bass (that's Rob Zombie's Bassist/I never forget a face nor that performance of "American Witch" with Rob Zombie on the David Letterman Tonight Show, last year 2006 or was it 2005. So Blasko is in OZZY's band. That's cool!) and Mike Bordin-Drums "all" done a kick ass unforgettable live performance of "I Don't Want to Stop" the new song and the Classic "Bark At the Moon" (this is the 1st day of the show) and another Classic "Crazy Train & I'm Not Going Anyway" on the 2nd day of the show that took place on the Pontiac Garage Stage the Summer grand shows that appears on JIMMY KIMMEL Shows. It was pretty spectacular to say the least/did anyone by chance seen it too? Peace, as I watched their fine performances of those early Classics such as "Crazy Train" & "Bark At the Moon" I couldn't help but to thank of those extraordinary Guitarists Randy Rhoads and Jake E. Lee in whom each brought those treasure Classic songs to vivid life with their mighty musicianships :!: Much respects & cheers.

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