jimmy page speaks of touring

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Re: jimmy page speaks of touring

Postby Gutterflower » Mon May 12, 2008 10:27 am

Mortgage the house ... if this actually pans out :P


May 10, 2008

Supergroup Led Zeppelin are set to reform for a world tour after their triumphant one-off reunion concert.

The Whole Lotta Love legends, with more than 300 million album sales worldwide, are ready to rock 'n roll again to mark their 40th anniversary this year.

And like the Rolling Stones, they could each make up to 10million pounds.

Fans have been calling for Led Zep to tour after their successful gig at London's 02 Arena last December, which saw Jason Bonham on drums in place of late dad John.

Singer Robert Plant, 59, was originally opposed to the idea but has been talked round by bandmates Jimmy Page, 64, and John Paul Jones, 62.

A long-time pal, Whitesnake's frontman David Coverdale, said yesterday the tour was "very likely" and he was expecting to be the support act.

David said: "I'm expecting a call from Jimmy any day asking my band Whitesnake to support them on their world tour. Am I on board? You bet. Probably worth billions!

"Unlike rolling out the wheelchairs with the umpteenth Rolling Stones world tour, a Led Zeppelin tour will be incredible."

A source added: "A couple of months ago, it looked unlikely because Robert was against the idea.

"But now it looks almost certain. It would either be at the end of this year or early 2009."

Courtesy of www.mirror.co.uk


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Re: jimmy page speaks of touring

Postby seasons » Mon May 12, 2008 9:43 pm

Well, I was too young to see them too and as far as I'm concerned Zep is definitely the overall best band ever. However, unselfishly speaking, I really hope this doesn't happen.

I think it's the classiest thing ever that Zep have stayed true to their original pledge of not being able to continue without Bonham and leave it at the amazing point that they did. To hold off for almost 30 years, then drag it around in their 60's is everything they were against. Granted the clips I've seen of the Ahmet tribute were respectable, but it was pretty dreadful hearing some of things tuned what seemed like a WHOLE STEP down (like Stairway). Plus it will just cause such a bullshit, rich VIP, poser hoopla from people who don't even deserve the privilege.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be the first one there, and will shit myself to actually see it, but I really hope for the sake of class, and honor of the greatest legacy in hard rock, that they leave it where it is.

And by the way, the Plant Kraus album is double platinum, and is quite good if you aren't foolish and short sighted enough to go into it expecting Whole Lotta Love. It's way different, but there are some great Plant moments on there. But more akin to his middle range crooning stuff, which his voice sounds just gorgeous on. And these comments are by no means to take shots at anyone else and their opions here, but I just hate to see things get knocked just because they aren't 'heavy'. A lot of my rocker friends are like that too. A good tune is a good tune, and a great voice is a great voice. Rock, metal, or not.

We all love Zep and plant's balls out high stuff, but go pull out Plant's In The Mood, Big Log, or Zep's All My Love. His voice is just fantastic on these understated tunes.

(And yes, excuse the pun on "Go pull out Plan'ts 'Big Log' you silly fockers!!)


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