Doogie White

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Doogie White

Postby Doobie » Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:44 am

This could prove interesting from the former Yngwie vocalist.
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Doogie White checks in for the second time this week. Doogie has been writing and recording his first solo album over the last few months.
Says the British vocalist: "As Ronnie is off with Tony Iommi, touring and working on a new Heaven and Hell album I thought it was time to do some writing with my good friend Mr Craig Goldy. We have written 5 songs together. I have also been working with Paul Logue from Edens Curse. In total we have 16 killer tunes to work on. I have assembled the great, good and unwashed for this. We started in the autumn last year, kicking ideas around. Between us we have come up with some dynamic and aggressive rawk songs covering a colourful spectrum of hard rock. The drums were recorded in Florida late last year and we are now laying down the guitars, bass and keyboards.

So far I have secured the awesome talents of Craig Goldy and Pontus Norgren, Rudy Sarzo, Neil Murray and Greg Smith, Patrik Johansson and the very splendid Derek Sherinian. In addition to these guys Rata Blanca's guitarist and mainman Walter Giardino has agreed to play on a couple of songs. It's early days but the album is coming together very nicely. Its good to be stepping out and not be in the constricts of a band situation where the demands of others sometime out weigh the sensibility and understanding of the songs. I believe the work we have done so far is interesting, different and valid. Fuck me!! I sound like a car sales man, but its true, this will be an album that covers many aspects of music that I have enjoyed over the years and then some.

I have also contacted my old friend Ritchie Blackmore's management to asked if he would be interested in playing on a song or two. Hell we could even work on some of the ideas we had for the aborted follow up to SIUA. While I don't think he will, I thought it only polite to ask!"
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Re: Doogie White

Postby pejale » Sat Mar 01, 2008 1:55 pm

If my memory serves me right,i think he was shortlisted for the singer in Iron Maiden when Dickinson left but lost out to Blaze Bayley.

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