Nightmare Metal Fest-March 2008

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Nightmare Metal Fest-March 2008

Postby Shadow » Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:38 pm

This summer a plenty of music Festivals will be in high gear: it's awesome that there's an array to attend at one's ultmost desire and find it really cool that master Progressive Vocalist Lance King (Krucible and formerly of Balance of Power & Pyromaze fame) has a brand new music Festival called "Nightmare Metal Fest" after his Nightmare record label that will make it's solifield debut March 21st-22nd 2008. It will capture many of the music artists/bands that are on the Nightmare record label: like Cage, Order of Nine (they have a awesome sound!), Warmachine, Avian-in which the legendary Lance King makes a special appearance with), etc.,. the list is really cool - it's showcasing quite alot of Progressive Metal bands, nice! It takes place in Florida, I believe. Congratulations to the very gifted/talented Vocalist Lance King & Co-Partners with this extravaganza music Fest/Nightmare Metal Fest that they created for us Metal fans to enjoy! Cheers.

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