Why would one post here if...

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Why would one post here if...

Postby pyschokenetic » Sun May 18, 2008 8:00 pm

8O I read where a poster stated that he didn't like any Badlands music. So, why come here to post that? I mean, IMI, there are alot of ppl here who dig the stuff. Most likely: 45% Jake w/ Ozzy, 45% with BL, and those 10% or so who like both and obscure stuff.

I don't listen to the BL CD's I have 'cause they are in storage, or buried away. Occasionally, I'll bring them out and have a listen. I really got into them late 1990, and then got Voodoo 06/91. That year, 1991, was hip on them. Being a guitarist, I played and learned as much of that CD as I could. Interesting times back then. I just moved from Eastern Wa to Phx for like the 3rd time. Worked a gas station job, conv. store, 76 I think. Was 22? So, was slumming, living poor. Living with this dude I was friends with down in Az. He was a 420 dude, and life was interesting!! He had 2 GF's @ the time; met them thru his dog training school or whatever. I liked one of them 'cause she was stripping, and was hella sweet/cool. Hot Girl, liked to walk around our apt in bikinis.

Anyway, all I could afford was this Stinger Strat Copy. $ 60 @ a Pawn Shop. Stingers were low line from Martin. Mine was a red one. Routed out spaces for 3 single coils, no pickguard. Basic strat trem. 5 way switch. Basic Strat features. Maple neck/frtbd. When I got it, the high E peg was missing. Had to actually rip off a peg from another guitar there in the Pawn Shop, and pocket it, so I could go home and screw it in!!! Changed strings. I wrote a funny review for it years ago @ www. harmony-central.com. Check it out...and, I also got weeks later a Peavey Decade Amp. Man, I was skid rowing back then!!! On our CD player was: Voodoo, Slave to the GRind, BL S/T, Great White, some others..good times.

I treated that Stinger like a rental car!! Bended the neck and pounded on it like Jake!! Not only used the trem, but bent the neck slightly like Jake does in "bark @ the moon". Learned the tuning peg trick on the low E string. Detune it to achieve a dive bomb with the trem bar; I've seen Jake do it live. I recently have seen them on Ebay for sale, in auction, and maybe will get one for old times sake. I had a old DOD Flanger, and a cheap Distortion pedal. So, used those, with Stinger and Peavey amp, and played in this punk type band. Don't know what we were tryng to do!! Sorta Jane's A, Faith no more, heavier, but I injected Jake style playing in there. Band of buds: My friend introduced me to Scott the bassist. HE was slumming; took a JC Penney beg. bass, sanded it, painted it black and splattered red paint to give it a bloodied look!! Scott knew John Paul,who was a true punker back in HS, and was a Rollins type after. Weight lifting and mosher. My other friend was younger than us @ the time. 17. Drummer with a shitty drum kit and cymbals. JP bought a TOA 6 channel PA Amp Head, 300 wts, and 2 Shure Columns SPeakers. Had a bunch of cheapo microphones from Pawn shop, miked the drums, my peavey, Scott's Crate bass amp, and JP stepped up and tried to sing/mostly screamed. Played a gig with 3 other bands after 5 months. Made our own tunes, but we did do "Are You Experienced?" by Hendrix. That was interesting...that was our encore. After, I tried to light the stinger on fire!! DIdn't work, so I threw/slid it across the small stage while plugged in!! Ha, some one kicked it back to me; I dive bombed several times to cheers, and yet, it stayed in tune!! That was fun!!! Crazy times. "When we were young!!"

I do miss those days; especially the stripper gal. She was spanking. But alas, life goes on. Thanks for letting me share!!! Peace out... :lol:

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