TOTO Split

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TOTO Split

Postby CharvelSuperStrat » Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:36 am

Guitarist Steve Lukather has announced the demise of Los Angeles AOR legends Toto.

In a statement posted on his personal website here, Lukather said: “The fact is, yes, I have left Toto. There is no more Toto. I told the guys before the last leg of our tour.

“We had some differences in how business was being done. The other fact is that I have been the only guy who was at the first rehearsal until the last gig a month or so ago.

“When Jeff [Porcaro, drums] died part of us all died with him. We pursued it and had some great times. Simon [Phillips] was a champ replacing Jeff at a most difficult time.

“Bobby [Kimball, vocals] was out of the band for 16 years and then came back and you know the other singer stories. Other than Bobby, Joe [Williams, vocals] was the only guy that really fit with us 'cause he was a high-school buddy as well. No offence to Bobby at all.

“When Dave Paich [keyboards] retired that was REAL hard for me 'cause we started the band together. Hell, it’s 35 years if you count high school where the core all met. When Mike [Porcaro, bass] fell ill and had to leave that was it for me. If there isn’t a Paich or at least one Porcaro, how can we even call it Toto?

"We had a great run and I owe an awful lot to the experience and the success we had. We hung in there hard despite being the most hated band in the world by most so-called 'rock critics'.

“Honestly, I have just had enough. This is NOT a break. It is over. I really can't go out and play Hold The Line with a straight face any more. I was 19 when we cut the record. I am 50 now."

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Re: TOTO Split

Postby SDBinNY » Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:15 pm

Such a shame... Say what you will, they were a PHENOMENAL band...
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