Sales figures for Badlands

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Sales figures for Badlands

Postby pyschokenetic » Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:14 am

Found this article, old, some music industry mag. Said "Badlands" sold 400,000 copies, then stopped. Thought "Dreams" and it's video on MTV propelled it to higher sales. Not bad, though.

"Voodoo Highway", 80,000 sold intially within the first 60 days, then, stopped cold. Touring did nothing to increase sales. Lots of radio press during that time of release. They were heavily toted on Z-Rock radio.

Very underrated group, IMO. Some great music was written that few ever got to hear. I owned both on cassette, and some years later, in 94, bought them on CD for .99 each in some music store chain. Lots of groups are fated like this, too. But Badlands were something special, again, IMO.

Saw them live in Phx, 1992. Mason Jar. Great show. Front row. Have memorabilia of theirs; "Dag the Giblets" vid, autographs, guitar picks, whanot. Here's a toast to them, and their music!!! :D

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Re: Sales figures for Badlands

Postby Nikki_Saixx » Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:23 am

It's a sad fate for them..... However, they DID IT, They ROCKED!

Thanks for interesting stuff :)

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