Guitar World-August 2008

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Guitar World-August 2008

Postby Shadow » Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:37 am

This is a real nice "ruby-red" gem of an special GUITAR WORLD issue/August 2008: the Guitar trooper Dan Donegan/DISTURBED fame is featured on the cover it's really nostalgia looking with the exception of the Grim-Reaper in the background on the battle field..'scary. Anyway, I found it to be really monumental, cool & hip: with special highlights on the many musicians they try to track down & their Families (if that special legendary musician has passed on to the Spirits in the Sky), the RHOAD Stories was hearttouching showcasing the late great Guitarist instruments gearwear and a very special design of guitars/marshals (it's that speaker/music looking gadget) that is name after him. Very cool, emotional & hip read there with Randy Rhoads mother Dolores Rhoads trailblazing on her son guitars..'smile. Disturbed feature was heavy loaded & emotional also dealing with the USA Troops putting their lives in harm ways in order to protect the American Citizenz here and also abroad/their daring diligents is heart touching & how very cool of DISTURBED to go there/the warzone (Iraq, I feel for the people/Citizens there too, especially the innocents ones) to support our American Troops & also do an Concert there: their newest album Disturbed "Indestructible" is totally heavy loaded with deep messages. Also, found the interview on guitarist/vocalist Ihsahn of Emperor fame deeply rich & intriqueing as GUITAR WORLD boldly track search for the mysterious darkly Lord musician and some other very fascinating fame musicians/bands (1349, Satyricon & Trym) humble NORWAY home foundations it was really cool. 8) 8O :D Check it out the newest issue for it has a really cool bonus treat on their CD Rom...'which I did not know it had such specials on it/trailblazer Thor guitarist Zakk Wylde appearance on it is both touching & humorous, his a trip & also digged the guitar lessons from Donagan, Dweezil/Frank Zappa's son and the Iconic ZZ Top (even though I don't play) were fascinating to watch...'hopefully one day in the very near future I would love to see an highlighted interview moment on Rebel guitarist Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne & Badlands fame) discussing his oddly solid works on "Fine Pink Mist & Retraced" etc.,. Peace check it out! 8)

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