Ratt: Pioneers of Polka

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Re: Ratt: Pioneers of Polka

Postby Doobie » Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:01 am

dave1021 wrote:Um guys...
THis thread and the other thread are intended as JOKES. Very "Waitng for Guffman", "A Mighty Wind", "Spinal Tap" ish if ya ask me. Probably in response to Floridageorgiagal. If she can make up her oun version of Jake's history, why can't someone else? And these are FUNNY. So take em for what they are, HUMOR.

Guitarninja is more on key with his comment than you've stated above. There is a difference between a troll making claims and trying to make people believe crazy shit regarding Jake (current and past) and a person just lightening the mood around here with a funny and obviously made-up story. Two different things, dude.

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Re: Ratt: Pioneers of Polka

Postby Fedaykin » Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:58 am

Doobie wrote:
guitarninja wrote:we are all fans of Jake, that's why we are here. Being hardcore fans means we should know the difference between fact and fiction, if you do not understand this "story" move on with yourself. There is a big difference between somebody claiming they are grilling out with "the Man" and somebody trying to lighten up the mood when we have absolutely no news to report about Jake at this time!! Besides, that Ratt story was brilliant to me.
Jake will always be my favorite guitar player, but take this down time to check out other players,(as most of you seem to do). Expand your horizons, I have bought more new music over the last year than the previous ten combined, and when I need a fix for the classics, out comes Badlands, Pink Mist, BATM, U Sin- you get the idea. Sorry to rant, now go crank the last Accept cd.

What up my ninja, it's Jake rap time:

Jake is the masta of disasta, no one can play fasta,
The ayatollah of rock and rolla,
The six string slinger,
The guitar ninja,
The non-tremolo dynamo with the legato vibrato, The guitar champ with the orange amp,
The playa' who's the mayor.
Peace ouuuuuut!
“My parents wanted me to be the next Van Cliburn, but I wanted to be the next Van Halen.”


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