Queenryche June 25th 2013

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Queenryche June 25th 2013

Postby macheted01 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:14 pm

Alright. Listened to it twice through the headphones, as this is the best way for any Queensryche. They come very close to the early Queensryche, but I feel somewhat that the mark was missed as well. Great intro to set the mood. Favorite tracks in my order.

In this Light
Where Dreams Go To Die
A World Without

On the other side of the coin. I feel that Tate's newest Queensryche effort was a good Tate release, but not a Queensryche release. This Queensryche stays more true to how it should be. Tates effort was criticized a lot on the mix. Well, I feel the guitars are buried in the mix on this effort. Scott's drums are equally front and center to Todd's vocals. This really shows Scott is a great drummer. I would guess Todd is out front to show that he can pull off what Tate no longer can. I feel that on the more aggressive tunes, will appeal to the newer generation. Not too memorable for me. Still no Lady Wore Black. All in all I could just live with the tunes listed above and maybe Open Road as well. Rage For Order is still my favorite beginning to end.

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Re: Queenryche June 25th 2013

Postby saltpeanuts » Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:58 am

I have listened to it about 30 times since they started streaming it, and had to buy it to support this version of the band. It actually grows on you quite a bit. While it's not perfect, it is by far their best release in 20 years and really harkens back to their glory years. You are right that it is not quite majestic enough, but it exceeds my expectations.

My favs are, in no order
Open Road
Where Dreams

The fact that they are now playing songs like the Lady Wore Black and Roads to Madness live speaks volumes as to whom has been holding back the band. Tate's release was awful as a QR release. Literally unlistenable.

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Re: Queenryche June 25th 2013

Postby xelatunes » Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:36 pm

It still amazes me how Tate has gone from Hero to ZERO!!!

Back in the day when we first heard "Queen of the Reich" we thought wow cool metal band but holy shit listen to how this guy can sing?!?! Then later, somewhere around the release of Q2k was when it was clear for me that Tate was the one holding the band back... I've heard enough of (and liked) the LaTorre fronted version to go out and buy this disc... I agree that its the best we've heard from them in at least a decade...

My QR faves have always been a tie between The Warning and Rage for Order, sadly I don't think they'll ever come that close again not because of Tate's demise but because of the absence of Mr. Chris Degarmo... LaTorre recreates vocally what Tate was back in the day very closely BUT the band will never be able to replicate Degarmo's songwriting talents...

just my 2cents... 8)

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Re: Queenryche June 25th 2013

Postby aiza » Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:01 am

Agharyder, Kalamazoo, home of the Gibson guitar plant, which is still functioning under Heritage Guitars. I have been all over Michigan and there is always more to see.

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Re: Queenryche June 25th 2013

Postby Shadow » Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:30 pm

Don't have the latest release due to all the Drama or was it just rumur that the lead Vocalist Tate was acting up. Anyway, I will always digg this band majestic sound very, very Solid-Heartfelt and "all" of them are Master talented from the Drummer to the Frontman and Sidemens. Yes, my heart broke into millions of pieces when one of the Founders/Guitarist deGarmo decided to retired (I guess) ...'he is missed and I hope his during well all around. QUEENSRYCHE are a Classic treasure-legendary band. Much respects!!

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