Skid's controversy, cont.

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Skid's controversy, cont.

Postby Doobie » Sun Jun 11, 2006 7:31 am

I can't remember which thread this was originally posted under but, here's Skid Row's reply (so says Metal-Sludge) to Seb's accusations of them using his pic to promote the band.

Now the band SKID ROW responds!


Though we usually ignore our former singers rants and accusations, we felt we had to respond to his recent boldfaced lies. We do NOT use his image to promote our shows. In fact there is a clause in our show agreement that states "Venue to use ONLY current, band approved photo for advertising and promotion."

No bait, no switch. But to be sure an old photo hadn't fallen through the cracks, we had our booking agent double-check. Here is the correspondence between the buyers of the shows and our agent.

>From the buyer of the two Indiana dates.

Hi Mark, I have spoken directly with Vic at Club Fever and Mike at Jamz, neither has done that. Vic laughed and said, “I’m in the clear! I know better than that, I know he isn’t in the band any more!” And Mike hasn’t used any photos at all in the paper, and has a black & white photo from the media page that I sent to him. Mike did, however bring up something interesting; Sebastian just appeared at the horse track in Anderson, IN...did they use a “Skid Row” photo in the paper to promote him...
Let me know.
Thanks, Kim

>From the buyer of the NJ show.

Hi Tony: Although I know better, I have been asked to confirm with you that, in the course of advertising the Skid Row show, you have not used any artwork that includes Sebastian Bach. Please confirm, by return email, that this is the case.
Thanks, Mark

Obviously, we haven’t used any artwork that includes Baz….the band does need a new pic so we can put one on our website….what’s up…???

As most of you know he was let go almost a decade ago so we obviously have nothing to gain by connecting the SKID ROW name to his. No bait, no switch.

Secondly. Now if the claim that Snake is not in the band is true, then someone has perfected human cloning being that it was Snake playing guitar in Burnsville, MN on 5/5/06, Menomonee, WI on 5/6/06 and Las Vegas, NV 5/13/06. And it was Snake with us in Atlanta, GA taping a segment for CNN (to be aired in Sept). And it was in fact he who was there while we were doing our most recent photo shoot for our new CD (coming in Oct). Snake has Carpal Tunnel in his left arm. This has put him temporarily in the position of performing limited shows. He is trying to rehab his arm with physical therapy instead of surgery. It was his decision for us to continue doing shows with a temporary replacement player. Snake WILL be playing June 22, 23, 24 which includes the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. And if his arm is okay he will continue to perform more shows. All that being said, he is in the band.

Finally. The claim that WE would charge a fan to meet us is preposterous!

Hopefully this clears everything up. See you at the shows.

Snake, Johnny, Scotti, Dave, Rachel - SKID ROW

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Re: Skid's controversy, cont.

Postby harddriver » Sun Jun 11, 2006 7:46 am

These guys may be good musicians but its obvious that Bach was the reason Skid Row was ever anything at all. I dont understand why alot of these 80's bands dont wake up and smell the coffee. Fans dont give a damn about Johnny Solinger or Phil Varone or whoever else is in that band now. All those Guys except Bach who is doing fine ( opening for Axl in Europe all summer ) need to just shut up and get over whatever they are crying about and remember why they made it in the first place. Grow up fellas and the longer you wait Bolan, Hill, Sabo etc.... the less chance you guys have of cashing in on a huge payday if you reunite with sebastian. face it your nothing more than some goofy parody without him.

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