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Postby Jiver » Mon Jul 03, 2006 6:37 am

Well, just saw last night the very last show of "SuperGroup", and the only reason to watch that much, was the concert itself. And btw, if one hasn't seen it yet, watch it if only for the guys rocking out on stage!! Maybe I'm easily amused, but I thought they did a good job playing the show. The one guy I thought wouldn't mesh in well, did, and that's Evan from Biohazard. I laughed when in the 1st show, Evan introduced himself to Ted, informing Ted of his previous success, his band "Biohazard". Then, Ted telling him, "Biohazard? I've got friends in the EPA; you'll be alright!!" LMAO!!!!

The boys did a great job playing their new song, and old standard AC/DC, Nuge, Anthrax, the one Bio song, and Skid Row. Ace of Spades was in there as well, and some other song I can't think of right now. *Spoilers* When Bach bring the JD bottle on stage, Evan and Ted look PISSED, and Ted looks to want to rip Bach's head off. Bach proceeds to guzzle the liquid inside of the bottle, but lo and behold, it's Tea!!! LOL!!! Ol' RnR trick there, started by Molly Hatchet's singer back in the day. The ending states that they DID make more music together after the taping of the show, but it's in Ted's ballcourt to continue if he wants to. The other 4 guys are game to continue. I'm reasonably confident it'll happen; Ted has summer dates to commit to, but in the fall, can them picking up again. JMO.....

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Re: Damnocracy

Postby Gutterflower » Mon Jul 03, 2006 7:07 am

I watched it last night, too....yes, the concert was the best part. Their song Take It Back was pretty decent. Afterwards I watched the post show wrap up on VH1Classic. The guys said that supposedly Ted is booked through 2008 with non musical appearances, so who knows if they'll continue. They've got a MySpace:


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Re: Damnocracy

Postby Deansolo » Mon Jul 03, 2006 12:53 pm

The song you don't remember is "out on the tiles" by Led Zeppelin. They did a pretty good version of it..althoug Baz didn't really pull off his part IMO.

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