Some updates...

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Some updates...

Postby jefnel1 » Thu Aug 03, 2006 10:12 am

All Access Memberships are now lifetime and the donation is a one-time charge for complete access to the site.

As you know, the bootlegs section includes shows for sale in which the proceeds go to future development and maintenance of I'm lowering the prices in order to generate more sales.

I'll be adding more rare tracks to the Downloads section as well as a couple full-length bootleg shows in the coming weeks provided I can line up some more reliable web space. There's so much content on here that we're using more than 1GB of space and growing!

I've enlisted the services of three All Access Members to Moderate the Forums. I alone haven't had the time to keep up with all the posts, so having a few others out there will definitely help. Any Forum members who don't abide by the Forum Rules will face having their posts edited or even deleted without warning. Read the rules!

At this time, it doesn't look like the Estate Sale is going to happen. It's been months and there is no update, so I'm assuming the idea is kaput.

I have an extensive collection of magazines featuring Jake for sale. Probably every one ever made. I've been collecting them since the 1980's. If anyone is interested in a particular mag with Jake in it, please email me at I have a ton of rare Japanese mags like Young Guitar, Burrn, etc. as well as many traditional guitar magazines that include tab. The average cost of a vintage mag will be around $10.

Hope everyone is having a great Summer. More to come later...
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