Vintage REVOLVER issues

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Vintage REVOLVER issues

Postby Shadow » Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:12 pm

Vintage REVOLVER issues

Hard rocking magazine Revolver has some pretty heavy “fantastic” Coverage(s) issues. I like their solid picks of throw down Hard Rock/Metal music genres/that their so earnestly do coverage on. The Staff (numerous to name) and Editor & Chief Tom Beaujour put a lot of sheer driven hard work into their magazines making each issue quite unique & solid standing! Thus far I have the fortunate luck of having a few mighty heavy Revolver issues in my magazine collection like:


Old school explosion/April 2005 #34 – That features Judas Priest/Motley Crue on various Covers. I have the one that Judas Priest is on!
Tool : League of Extraordinary Gentlemen/June 2006 #46 - Cool Western pix of the complex Tool band that certainly got my attentions, etc.,.
Avenged Seven Fold meet Metallica/Sept 2006 #48 – It’s a Rebel meets Rebel galore special issue where musicians meet & Interview their music Idols. Pretty cool issue!
The Unholy Alliance/August 2006 #47 – The Ultimate Metal Roundtable that features Slayer/Lamb of God/Mastodon/Children of Bodem. Plus, electric special Coverage on Norway titled Norway in the House/Emperor, Satyricon, Gorgoroth & more. Also, a band called Underroath that includes the 10 most Essential Christian Metal albums. Awesome issue, a treasure find! Has a Guitar lesson/Contest Ad on Zakk Wylde the winner will be flown to Ozzfest to meet Zakk. Hmm, I wonder who won the contest ended 7/25/06.
Lamb of God/October 2006 #49 – Hearty feature coverage on Lamb of God. Nice earthly Poster of them as well. I noticed that each Revolver has some really breathtaking posters & treasure pix in general of the numerous talented music bands they cover/Pretty cool interview with Stone Sour, too!
The Year in Hard Rock/February 2005 – Has got to be my most favorite due to it’s the very 1st issue I ever bought of the vintage Revolver magazines. Bad boy Rockers VELVET REVOLVER are mega featured in this 2004 Band of the Year galore special issue & they definitely earned that titled to the core! They certainly shook up the Planet in 2004 which makes me wonder what they are up to. Properly need some R & R time out & spending time with their Families. Anyway, eager to hear more from them/Velvet Revolver in the near future.

Well, these are my personal most treasure issues from REVOLVER Magazine that I cherish to Heart and each issue is a total keepsake and look forward to more heavy vintage issues from them/Revolver magazine. Recently I “noticed” the newest 50th issue Revolver issue that has OZZY OSBOURNE (with Satan horns) Featured on the Cover: that’s pretty wild/it includes the fifty heaviest hitters, well that’s another keepsake treasure to be added to the Collection! Peace. 8)

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