UFO Sighting in Texas

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Re: UFO Sighting in Texas

Postby frethead » Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:30 pm

"Preesh" Mr. Metal! I'm getting a visual, here. . . Vinnie Moore struttin' around playing Schenker's pride and joy, trying to not overplay, and JUSTWAITACARTONPICKINMINUTEDADGUMMIT ! Phil Mogg in a T-SHIRT, SWEATS AND FLIP-FLOPS??? Ahhh- Haaah- Haaaaahhaaah HAaaaaaarrrgh!!!!
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Re: UFO Sighting in Texas

Postby Shadow » Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:56 pm

Great to hear that TEXAS Space Invasion from the legendary UFO went quite sensationally well and that you had the chance to meet & greet one your idol musician icon(s) Phil Mogg wearing flip-flops/I bet that completed his day, Mr. Metal. 8) I get all choked up if I ever come across meeting one of my idol musician(s)...'I get all speechless but one builds up their courage to approach them/I was glad that I finally did approach Mr. Peter Rivera/Hoorelbeke legendary Drummer/Vocalist of RARE EARTH he was very down to earth & totally hip so was legendary Saxophonist Gil Bridges of RARE EARTH: they both still tour but separately/and that hurts to no end course I like to see them "Band Together" again, in honor homage to the members (some passed on like John Persh, Ed Guzman, Mark Olsen) that made up this Classic Soul Jam band...'I love them Rare Earth there my heart it was honor to finally meet the leaders/founders of Rare Earth. Anyway, I'm going off the subject abit here...'I bet it was truelly an blast seeing such a heavy musician Phil Mogg in flip-flops 'cause that really makes him more human like us so to speak. 8) :D Smile!

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Re: UFO Sighting in Texas

Postby Gutterflower » Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:41 pm

mrmetal wrote:Frethead, your style is very entertaining and I enjoy the hell out of it. :lol:

Vinnie was great. He played the solos as close to Schenker as he could, but he definatley added his own flair. He seemed to be holding back as to not overplay the songs.

On the Lights Out breakdown, he did go off and tear it up. At one point, Vinnie performed a series of decending Major 6 sweeps that was aurally, as well as visaully, stunning.

The coolest thing that happend that evening was after the show. When UFO tore down the stage, all the old rockers left for the evening (because they have to get up and work in the morning) and my brother I hung around to finish up a pitcher of beer we had bought.

In the span of about 20 minutes, the club was all of sudden filled with 20-something year-olds all looking young and flawless.

No sooner had we started laughing about this very bizarre turn of events; because we felt very out of place and very uncomfortable, we saw Phil Mogg walking around in a t-shirt, sweat pants, and donning a pair of flip-flops.

My brother and I had no choice but to laugh. Here was a rock legend, one of the best hard rock singers of his time, walking around in a Clear Lake area bar and no one was paying a bit of attention to the guy - nor had a clue who he was.

I walked up and shook his hand and we chatted shortly. Seems like a very nice chap.

How cool is that? Glad you and your bro had a rockin' evening :P


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