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Could be interesting ...

Postby Doobie » Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:28 am

The new album titled Legacy from Girlschool will be released through Wacken Records / Steamhammer on October 24th in Germany, October 27th in Europe and November 4th in the USA.
30 years of female powered heavy Rock N Roll, 30 years of Girlschool. The longest existing all-girl band Girlschool is back with a bang. Their newest album Legacy mixes old school Classic Rock with new and modern influences. As Legacy is the 30th anniversary album of Girlschool some friends showed up and left their mark. Ronnie James Dio is singing on the bonus-track version of I Spy as well as Lemmy left his voice on Don't Talk To Me and such musicians like J.J. French (Twisted Sister), Neil Murray, Phil Campbell (Motörhead), Fast Eddie Clarke, Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister) and Tony Iommi (Heaven & Hell) left clicks and licks on several songs too. Even the original guitarist Kelly Johnson, who died last year, can be heard on the opener Everything Is The Same with a special ghost appearance! But enough talking, take a deep breath and enjoy the Legacy.
Track Listing: 1) Everything's The Same (feat. Kelly Johnson on percussion - her ashes)[Yes, you read that right folks??] 2) From The Other Side, 3) I Spy (Girlschool Mix), 4) Spend Spend Spend ( feat. J.J. French - guitar solo), 5) Whole New World ( feat. Neil Murray - bass, Phil Campbell - lead guitar solo), 6) Just Another Day ( feat. Phil Campbell - guitar solo), 7) Legend ( feat. Neil Murray - bass), 8) Still Waters, 9) Metropolis ( feat. Fast Eddie Clarke - guitar solo) Motörhead cover, 10) Don`t Mess Around ( feat. Eddie Ojeda - guitar solo), 11) Zeitgeist, 12) Don't Talk To Me ( feat. Lemmy on bass, vocals and triangle). Bonus Tracks: 13) I Spy (Dio/Iommi Mix) ( feat. Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Tony Iommi - lead guitar), 14) Emergency, 15) London.

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Re: Could be interesting ...

Postby frethead » Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:36 pm

Uhh, wow?
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