Jake's Charvel guitar bridge

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Jake's Charvel guitar bridge

Postby jefnel1 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:42 am

To those of you who have built or are building Jake-style guitars, I finally found an affordable bridge with all the quality and intonation as an original Charvel brass hardtail (the rare ones that go for $250+ on ebay). Charvel has reproduced the bridge for their Pro Mod guitar line. I have only seen them available in Chrome, but that happened to be what I wanted. I've ordered 2 of them from different vendors on ebay and have upgraded my Hipshot hardtail and a Gotoh hardtail so far. I've done my homework on this, so I hope this information is helpful to others.

The Pro Mod bridges are excellent quality with a thick base and sturdy saddles that are locked in the grooves when the guitar is brought up to tune. The key to intonation with a hardtail is having the grooves for the saddle screws to ride in. If you're a string bender like me, (or like Jake) the standard Fender, Gotoh, MannMade, or any other hardtail brands send your tuning out of whack immediately because the saddle screws skate all over the bridge base and allow the saddles to move. The Hipshot hardtail attempts to solve this problem with walls on each side of the saddles, but I have found that the saddles still move slightly and have had to wedge a piece of a guitar pick in between to lock them in.

This Pro Mod bridge is simply the best hardtail I've used to date and matches the original Charvel brass bridge in terms of quality and intonation.

ebay Auction - Pro Mod Bridge
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Re: Jake's Charvel guitar bridge

Postby Shadow » Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:49 pm

Although I'm not a Musician, I found your detail infor on JAKE's Charvel guitar bridge quite enlighten and informative for all those high energized musicians outthere that want to learn. I notice when the Rebel musician Jake E. Lee hit's the stage his really passionate in his playing & he plays raw 'like a wild beautiful stallion running free! I also noticed that JAKE bends his guitar instruments alot. 8O (I'm like Wow, Mr. Lee be gentle your gonna break your guitar(s)..'but it doesn't come to that). But I'm sure he has to get the bridges fix alot & also the neck of the guitar: it's cool watching him go into trailblazing :twisted: action.

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