Sex Pistols in the hall of fame......

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Sex Pistols in the hall of fame......

Postby Rock » Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:15 am

These guys stand for everything that is rock'n'roll, and they are the first ones to stand up to the bullshit of it all........ GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!

Johnny Rotten to Rock Hall of Fame: 'Kiss this!'
Sunday Mar 12 12:41 AEDT
Former Sex Pistols lead singer Johnny Rotten has nothing but disdain for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is why he won't be attending Monday's induction ceremony.

The singer, who now goes by his real name John Lydon, appeared as a guest on ABC's late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, asked why he and his two surviving partners from the ground-breaking punk band were snubbing the hall.

"They never cared who we were," Lydon said. "They never bothered to correct the incredible fatal, bad mistakes about our legend and legacy in their museum and up until now, they've rejected our nomination for three years running, and now they want a piece of us.
"Well, guess what? KISS THIS!" he said, making a rude gesture.

"When I began as a Sex Pistol, there was no Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and suddenly this organisation is put on top of us like we have an obligation to them. Well, it's the other way around. Don't use my name to prop up your ... nonsense."

When it was first announced the group would be inducted into the Hall of Fame, the Sex Pistols declined the honor with a coarse message posted on their Web site.

Other inductees into the Hall of Fame this year include Black Sabbath, Blondie, Miles Davis, Lynyrd Skynyrd and music executives Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss.

Link to Sex Pistols official reply... HERE

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Re: Sex Pistols in the hall of fame......

Postby RandyRhoadsRules! » Mon Mar 13, 2006 8:19 pm

Eh theyre whiny cry babies that have rereleased their first album 100000000 times with different covers.

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