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Re: Jakes new Pickups

Postby Scott_Harrison » Wed Mar 22, 2006 11:35 am

I had a bill lawrence in my 87' Charvel back in the day and was playing it through a Carvin X60 B that was moded supposedly by the same guy that did George Lynch's amps and the man what a sound. I feel the need a change up sound for a few songs as I am starting a new prejoect after a 10 year break. I am also looking into a new amp for this project but the sound I am looking for is a mix of Jakes and Lynch's (I know I know). IMy main amp was a Peavey 5150 amp but a few years ago I had to part with it (kids and christmas ya know) so I am either looking for an aolder 5150 combo or a screaming deal on a soldano or mesa (still got those 3 kids).


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