Oni Logan Interview

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Re: Oni Logan Interview

Postby stratattack » Thu Apr 13, 2006 8:59 am

Rock wrote:Hey, I totally agree strat, about some kikass players that have played christain metal, and also about getting their point across, but the point I am making is, why was it once upon a time all this music we love was evil and was branded the devil music, pls tell me when it all changed and why, coz I dont understand these christian bands how they came about, why its all cool now to use "the devils music" to put across the msg. I am serious here, coz I would love to understand and know why and how it's came be. :)

because the uptite old school Hipocryt christians Like Pat robertson and Jerry Fawell made their Flocks Afraid of change hell look at what they used to say about Johny Cash and Elvis as well as Jerry Lee Lewis there will always be some one who will try to trash it but like Dee said you cant stop Rock n Roll ! :twisted:
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