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Postby Gutterflower » Mon Apr 17, 2006 8:31 pm


After a brilliant takeover show, Neeley and Chris are back with another HUGE show for you! This week we get foreign with 3 interviews, as well as catching up with a legend for a 4th!

One of the CMS's favorite bands, Astral Doors, is back with another dose of Dio-esque anthems on their new album, ASTRALISM. We'll do a new music listening party for ASTRALISM, and we'll have one of the guys on the show to talk about all things Astral Doors.

Next up, another foreign band that are favorites of the CMS - Evergrey! They return with what might be their best album to date, the surprisingly upbeat MONDAY MORNING APOCALYPSE. A new music listening party is in store for listeners, and Evergrey will be making another appearance on the show to talk about the new album.

Next, a newcomer to the show, Hansi from Blind Guardian and Demons & Wizards has asked in on the show, and we'll oblige. He has a new song called "Fly", and a new album coming in September. We'll play the new song, and will talk to Hansi about the new material.

Finally, CMS friend and singing legend Geoff Tate returns to the show. He'll be talking about the new album, OPERATION MINDCRIME II, and the tour which will feature the entire presentation of Operation Mindcrime...from start to finish.

As you can tell, this show is going to be jam packed, so be sure you tune in to every second!

Saturday, April 15th - New Music Listening Party For Evergrey - MONDAY MORNING APOCALYPSE. Interview With Evergrey. New Music Listening Party for Astral Doors - ASTRALISM. Interview With Astral Doors. Interview With Queensryche Vocalist Geoff Tate.

Saturday, April 22nd - New Music Listening Party For Winter's Bane - REDIVIVUS. Interview With Winter's Bane's Lou St. Paul. New Music Listening Party For Rebel Meets Rebel - REBEL MEETS REBEL. Interview with Rebel Meets Rebel's Vinnie Paul.

Saturday, April 29th - New Music Listening Party For American Heartbreak - AMERICAN HEARTBREAK. Interview With American Heartbreak. New Music Listening Party For Brain Surgeons NYC - DENIAL OF DEATH. Interview With The Brain Surgeon's Ross The Boss.

Saturday, May 6th - New Music Listening Party For Bombay Black - ANGER MANAGEMENT. Interview With Bombay Black. New Music Listening Party For Ted Poley - COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Interview With Ted Poley.

Saturday, May 13th - CMS TAKEOVER SHOW #8 Featuring Guest Host Chris Caffery!

Saturday, May 22nd - New Music Listening Party For Violent Divine - VIOLENT DIVINE. Interview With Violent Divine.

Saturday, May 29th - New Music Listening Party For Hydrogyn - BOMBSHELL. Interview With Hydrogyn. New Music Listening Party For Crucified Barbara - IN DISTORTION WE TRUST.

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Postby Shadow » Mon Apr 24, 2006 8:05 pm

So I take it this is basically an Interview/Radio Rockin' meltdown show of heavy Hard Rocker's & Metal musicians (new & legendary) newest up & coming albums/Cd's Projects. It's "nice" to see that their/Classic Metal Show (Website) are going to premiere showcase & Interview Hydrogyn "Bombshell" (on May 27th/it's a "awesome" Cd!), May 13th Chris Caffety (Sun Red Sun/Savatage), Jeff Martin (on May 6) of Racer X & Badlands and House of Lords (on June 5th) etc.,. on their Website music program. And if possible I look forward to checking in on that if my schedule doesn't conflict with it. All the best to the heavy hard workin' & Hard Rocking musicians that are highlighted on this groovy esteem music showcase CLASSIC METAL SHOW Website and I look forward to seeing fame Rebel Guitarist musician Jake E. Lee and fame Beast Vocalist musician Mandy Lion to one day be highlighted Interviewed in the very near future rather it be collectively or individually it would be very "nice" to see that! I "noticed" the Rebel meets Rebel showcasing Drummer/musician Vinnie Paul and "sorry" to say I missed out on that segment/I'm sure it was a blasting thriller: it sounds like a really "high 8O energy" music Project in Dedication to his beloved brother in music crime legendary Guitarist/musician Dimebag Darrell. Peace & thanks for sharing this news infor Website, Gutterflower!

PS-That American Heartbreak band - my 1st time hearing of them/they have a pretty interesting logo Trademark it's nice seeing The Love American Style (TV series Classic logo back)...-smile!

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Postby PoetsandMadmen » Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:57 am

Sounds like a darned good show to me!

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