Variation in ways to play Jakes music

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Variation in ways to play Jakes music

Postby skezza » Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:55 am

I know theres many different variations on how to play Jakes music. ive seen many different ones. however, one ive never really known for sure about is Killer of Giants. As its one of my favourite songs, its always one i recommend to people to learn, but ive met a lot of people who have played the solo differently. Some use hybrid picking switching between both plectrum and fingers, however most people i know dampen the middle string and play the octave picking using a plectrum.

I just wondered, what was the correct way? And what other variations have you seen? :)
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Re: Variation in ways to play Jakes music

Postby Shadow » Thu Apr 12, 2007 7:44 pm

Since I'm not a professional Master musician - surely there's someone here that can share some music infor with you: there's alot of Guitarists here that venture here, anyway all I can say is that Jake E. Lee's "Killer of Giants" from his Ozzy Osbourne music era journey period is a great Classic song and it's very emotional & deep/I noticed often times that JAKE does a lot of bending of his guitars along the neck area to give it this heavy sonic echo sound! It's spectacular/I like it when he does that effect to his guitars/but I'm like his going to break them but in the end everything turns out fine. 8) :twisted: Cheers!

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Re: Variation in ways to play Jakes music

Postby sms5150 » Fri May 04, 2007 6:38 pm

YAY my first post ... hah anyway ... jake has awesome techquie and i have been studying him for a couple weeks now. and if i know what u talking about in the solo where he does like the octave thing i seen where he holds the notes and then strum them with his thumb and then make the higher notes with is pick hand on the fret board. and i love the way he bends behinde the nut and bend is neck awesome showmenship and when ur jake who needs a " wiggle stick " hah

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