Wicked Alliance association mentioned

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Wicked Alliance association mentioned

Postby Doobie » Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:23 am

From Melodicrock:
(22 September 2009 - Los Angeles, CA) Former Prong, Lizzy Borden, Jake E.Lee's Wicked Alliance and Dirty Looks bass player Brian Perry is proud to announce the launch of his first clothing line, The Walk And Roll Clothing Company.
A t-shirt company aimed at infants, toddlers, kids and mom's to be. Walk And Roll Clothing features slogans based on the World's most iconic and popular Rock Bands and their classic rock Album titles, and songs twisted in a way to make them childlike in nature. Sayings such as "For Toes About To Walk", "Welcome To My Daycare", and "Master Of Muppets" among others are available for purchase from www.walkandrollclothing.com.
Perry conceived the idea for The Walk And Roll Clothing Company in 2007 when his nephew Jordan Perry was born and could not find anything he liked in the local stores in Los Angeles. Perry recalls, "While shopping for the very first time for a newborn I could not for the life of me find anything that was cool and/or clever. So I went home and designed my own. Walk and Roll - For Toes About To Walk!." Starting with one design spoofing AC/DC, Perry has grown the line to include upwards of 15 designs, including titles spoofing Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Cheap Trick, Sex Pistols, Def Leppard, Alice In Chains and others.

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Re: Wicked Alliance association mentioned

Postby Shadow » Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:58 pm

Alright that's groovy-spectacular news: a Clothing/Shoe Company congratulations to Rock N Roller music Artist Brian Perry's "The Walk & Roll Clothing Comapany" for those that enjoy comfort from a 'tweet tiny newborn to all size range Adults: how beautiful of him the outrageous/talented Jake E. Lee Wicked Alliance, Lizzy Borden & Dirty Looks BASSIST Brian Perry to come up with such an clever ideal. All the best to him with his newest adventure in keeping the World in comfy tip-top from "head to toe" shape! 8O :P :D Congrats!!!

Thanks for sharing! :wink:

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