Fav JAKE album Survey Poll

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Fav JAKE album Survey Poll

Postby Shadow » Wed Feb 15, 2006 6:28 pm

I already put in my vote for this survey that's on the Main Home JAKE E. LEE Website Greeting page and was "curious" why there wasn't an comment section that usually goes along with it if one wanted to add their thoughts to the Survey Poll or not. It's okay if it doesn't have a comment section and hopefully in the future time there will be an comment section added & that it be treated with the ultmost respects. Anyway, I just like to comment on this vital "What's Your Fav JAKE album?" Survey Post: "I like all of the Classic vintage Hard Rock/Metal & Blues albums Cd's such as Bark At the Moon, The Ultimate Sin, Badlands, Voodoo Highway, Dusk, A Fine Pink Mist and Retraced that Rebel Rocker Guitarist/Writer Jake E. Lee participated in "adding" his own unique Electric flame to are "all" excellent masterpieces. Each & everyone of these Master Classic's that Jake E. Lee appears on are quite "vital" to his growth & journey as a Guitarist/Musician displaying his fine musicianship. Although I'd chosen the BADLANDS Debut as my personal fav JAKE album...-there "all" are Classic treasure albums recordings so mentioned above are totally Rockin' solid to the core & I "treasure" each JAKE album/Cd to Heart! Jake E. Lee-A Fine Pink Mist is a very close "tie" with Badlands Debut...-Another favorite of mine Jake E. Lee-A Fine Pink Mist. Awesome Instrumental album/Cd! Peace. 8)

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Re: Fav JAKE album Survey Poll

Postby Hell_Tanner » Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:47 pm

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