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Re: Bo Bice

Postby Gutterflower » Fri Apr 14, 2006 4:35 am

excitable87 wrote:Funniest part of the show (aside from Taylor missing the stand) was watching Ace's face when the results were being read; the closer they got to him the more scared he looked. And as far as the whole Taylor thing let me just say this: I wouldn't call myself a fan per se, but I do like him, and no he can't dance, but that's exactly why I like him: he's different, and he just has fun... he's an ENTERTAINER, and with those kind of people, you either like them or you don't. Hes just there to have fun. When I watch him I don't think "Hmmm what a superb singer", I just laugh usually... and isn't that what it's about? Having fun? That being said, I ain't rushing out and buying his cd. :lol:

Basically I just root for the underdog, and he seems like a laid back, nice guy... unlike some of those people (*cough*ace*cough*).

Yeah...I see your point about Taylor being an entertainer. The fun factor. You either like him or you don't.

Looking into Ace's eyes, I don't think there's anyone at home!

Doobie wrote:Here's one for you Gutterflower (a little off the subject of the thread but, go with it anyway, okay?). Were you ever out clubbing, got asked by someone to dance, took them up on it and they danced just like, or similarly to, Taylor? :oops: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops:

Now that you mention it, YES! lol I remember one guy in particular who asked me to dance...his arms were flailing around so much, he accidentally nailed me in the face. :evil: He felt sooo bad. At least there wasn't any blood shed or swelling!


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