C.C. Deville vs Eddie Van Halen

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Re: C.C. Deville vs Eddie Van Halen

Postby stratattack » Tue Apr 18, 2006 7:04 am

Deansolo wrote:
frethead wrote:Dang, Dean, that was a low blow!!! Ouoooch! Man, if I was Eddie, I know I'd be like . . . "Yeah, I'm Eddie Van Halen, now buy me a drink for talking with you."
Dude, I meant no disrespect to King Edward V! I just meant that king Edward is truly an icon of Rock. To some of us having a shot out liver is a like having a Badge of Honor!

Some rock royalty with a shot out liver:

1) David Crosby

2) Mick Ronson

3) Noel Redding

I could go on and on..:wink:

Although only David Crosby is still alive due to a transplant. :cry:

Yah Mick Ronson couldnt get a transplant seeings that his body was over run with cancer . as much as I love Reeves Gabrials plaing mick was a way better guitar player he played from his gut.
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